A compassionate single dad found himself raising two tough little girls on his family farm.  My wonderful father, Greg Kirkpatrick raised my sister and I to love animals and to never fear a hard day’s work.  This industry requires some serious manpower and my sister and I were pushed to rise above and hold our own among the men.  We became tough as nails but made sure to never loose the compassion taught by our father when caring for our cattle.  We have a certain standard when it comes to our cows and how they are raised which we believe plays a direct role in producing the greatest tasting beef possible.  Our cattle are consistently cared for in a positive, clean and stress free environment.

All beef is NOT created equal.  There are no short cuts to achieving success and the same goes for raising great tasting beef.  Our family works tirelessly to produce a great product!  After  generations of spreading love and patience over this land, the industry has yet to become more glamorous but it has without a doubt given our family the motivation to never stop striving for excellence and the knowledge needed to provide top quality beef.

In 2009, I (Laura Kirkpatrick) competed in America’s Next Top Model.  I was blessed to be named runner up and also to return during the All-Stars Competition Season.  After taking 3rd place and voted America’s Fan Favorite, I had found myself traveling all over the world.  I have had the pleasure of tasting cuisine from all these different parts of the globe.  I consider myself a bit of a “foodie” and constantly searching for great tasting high quality food.  I am spoiled in the sense that all of my food growing up was home grown.  Experiencing this advantage first hand, I can see how important it is to provide families and business with best product for their nutritional needs.  Our family only keeps growing with the latest addition of my first child, so the bar just keeps being raised at K Ridge Angus Farms.  We are asking you to join with our large family and support the need for honest local and genuine quality food.

We have a great hard working family producing great beef from our great cow families.  We hope your family will give our family a chance to enjoy our great tasting beef that is so nutritional and so healthy for you.  At Ky Darling Beef, family is what it’s all about.  Great Taste, Nutrition and Happy Cows makes for a happy family!