How long does delivery take? 

We ship out only on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays to insure it stays frozen, It ships with in 2-3 days. 

How does shipping it work?

We ship the frozen meat in a Eco friendly container with enough Dry Ice to get to your doorstep in 2 days. We ship out Monday Tuesday and Wednesday to ensure it doesn't sit on a truck over the weekend.

Do you process your own animals?

We do not process our own animals because we are USDA graded and inspected. We use a well-trusted, local butcher in KY. 

How is your meat packaged? Do you have to buy in bulk?

Our meat is vacuumed sealed. We sell Ground Beef, Hamburger Patties, Steaks, Brisket and Roasts in small bundles for different sized families as well as a few a la cart items such as Liver, Soup Bones, Marrow Bones, and Shank. Roasts are packages weighing approximately 2 lbs, and most other cuts are around one lb per package. We also sell our beef in whole, half, and a quarter of a beef packaged to your specifications.

Is your meat frozen?

Our beef packages are sold frozen and vacuum-sealed. Our processor is able to flash freeze the meat. This ensures nutrients and flavors are retained.

Are you grass fed?

Our beef is born and raised in grass pastures. The last few months before their one bad day, they are given corn along with their grass. This gives the beef that beautiful marbling. Ky Darling Beef never goes to a feedlot! 

Are you Antibiotic free?

KY Darling Beef are never given antibiotics, but we never let a cow suffer. If a cow were to get sick and need antibiotics we simple do not use them for KY Darling Beef.

Is your beef Angus?

Our beef is Angus or Angus Cross.

Is KY Darling dry aged? What is dry aged?

Dry aging is a traditional method used to tenderize the beef and has been proven to improve the tastes and textures of the beef. Dry aged beef hangs in a temperature controlled room as it allows for the moisture to evaporate, increasing its shelf life. Dry aged beef has an average shelf life of one year and it has a lot less shrinkage when cooked allowing for you to receive more bang for your buck!!

KY Darling Meat is always frozen because we dry age our beef for 9-12 days. All good food takes patience!!