Award Winning Beer Can Burgers 

Bo Walker a 10 year old boy with the help of his father took 1st place in the " All American Burger Bash" with his Ky darling beef and bacon beer can burgers! Bo has competed in several competition with our bacon and beef! We are proud of Bo and honored to have Bo send us his recipe! 


Step 1:

Divide in half 1 lbs of Ky Darling Beef

a dash of Ky Darling seasoning in each half

Roll in to a ball

Take can and press deeply in the ball of beef leaving 3/4 inch as the bottom foundation. You are basically making a beef cup for all your yummy stuffings.  

Step 2:

Wrap 2 strips of Ky Darling bacon around the beef cup you just made while the can is still in it. The Stuffing you fill your cup with is optional.

Bo used cheddar cheese blocks, cooked Ky Darling bacon, and drizzle BBQ sauce in bowl.





Step 3:

Grill low and slow for 45 minutes and it's ready to serve!